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My hope for you

Is to provide New Zealanders and international buyers with the chance to purchase some interesting swords and blades, knives and axes that they would be proud to challenge and defend with

To provide a selection that will enlighten the depths of your souls with that feeling of past being present. you will find this when you browse through the selection of swords and daggers you will come across 1 or even 2 that will just set you on fire and to complete this desire you can now purchase fully wearable Armour Knight Suits

We have managed to arrange a on line credit form from "Military Finance" so you can now apply for the funds to purchase such items from your dreams and medieval fantasies desires conditions do apply as set by 'Military Finance"with any application or purchase

We encourage you to use the search bar to bring all items together as many listings are multi placed depending on their category
Our catalogue is 500mb on CD in full colour with over 700 pictures nearly all in stock request your free CD catalogue now by sending self address return envelope to

Swordsmen of New Zealand
P.O.Box 15-372
New Lynn Auckland
New Zealand

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